Quick Wash – No Rinse Anti-Bacterial Dog Shampoo or Face Wash

60,00 د.إ


Quick Wash is a no rinse anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal foam dog shampoo.  

It’s great to use after walks or between baths or after contact with other dogs or people.  

Disinfect dog’s coat in the current climate.

Handy for professional dog walkers to wash down dogs before handing back to owners where no water is available.

Some dogs are very messy eaters and if they have beards there can be bacteria build up around their mouth area, the Quick Wash is a simple way for a quick spruce up after eating.

Dog Groomers can use as a face wash where more care may need to be taken.  Apply to the face massaging in foam, rinse with water or towel dry.

Useful for dogs that don’t like bathing or for people who may struggle to lift their dogs into a bath.

It is a good deodoriser and is effective against badger and fox smells.  It is non-sticky and has a natural fresh fragrance.

Simply massage foam into the dogs coat and towel off.



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